The budding business of Cannabis

Media Friendly connects and markets professionals working in the industries of cannabis, medical marijuana, hemp and CBD. We work with people who touch and don’t touch the plant. 

We’ve created a network of business professionals through our popular public events and private, invite-only meetups. Check out our event for more details. 

In addition to events, our sweet spot is publicity, marketing, websites all verticals including farmers, dispensaries, doctors, security guards, banks, attorneys, accountants and scientists.   

Our goal is to boost visibility for our clients and connecting them to the right people and audience.  Contact us and we’ll tell you more about how we grew the bottom line for businesses across many fields. 

Side note: Our mission to work in the medical marijuana space is driven by Cheryl’s sister Marilyn’s fight against cancer. Marilyn is navigating a bumpy road — after beating breast cancer, she found out shortly after that her doctors found precancerous cells in her pancreas. Marilyn’s prognosis is good and she’s getting great care. She inspired Media Friendly’s team to help to dispel the stigma surrounding medical marijuana.

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