Wing Girl

Wing Girl is our outsourced business development division with a great track record. 

However, Wing Girl was started by accident.  

One of our clients needed help at a large national conference in Saint Louis. The CEO was too busy with meetings to network, so he asked me to “work” the expo floor and target new contacts for his organization. I left that day with warm and hot leads from international companies, which turned into major projects for his firm.

Later that year, I attended a national public health conference in San Diego where I worked the booth and cruised the expo floor for a client. By the end of the event, my client had multiple solid leads for new business. She landed at least two projects — one for $72,000 and another for $36,0000. 

After the great success our clients had from our business development and networking efforts, we officially founded. Our team will attend conferences or networking events so you can focus on other parts of your business that make money.

Consider our Wing Girl services if you are too busy to attend networking events. We'll go in your place so you can focus on other work.

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Events & Speaking Engagements

Media Friendly hosts a variety of events, both big and small, throughout the year. Check out our Events page for the full list. 

Our company’s founder, Cheryl Squadrito, speaks to groups about a variety of topics including the following:

  • Five things you need to know now about public relations.

  • Pop culture and why it matters in your life.

  • Going viral: protecting your brand and managing your reputation in front of a global audience.

  • Making it work: the elusive lure of work-life balance.

  • Creating a media kit that works for you.

  • The business of cannabis.