Happy Clients

Cheryl is a total communications professional. She’s also totally cool.
— Kevin Riordan, columnist, Philadelphia Inquirer

Check out Cheryl Squadrito on the front page of the New York Times.

Cheryl is the real deal when it comes to handling public relation matters and growing press for you or your company.  She is honest, understanding, professional, supportive and sensitive to the needs of her clients, and on top of what's current in media trends.  She is extremely helpful in figuring out which opportunity is right for me and my brand.

Most importantly, Cheryl knows the right people to connect with in an extensive variety of industries and is dedicated to making those connections happen through her PR initiatives, speaking strategies, and the guidance she offers in building communication skills for her clients.  She is attentive to her client's strengths, value, and offerings and persistent in helping prospective media sources recognize the important of sharing that with their audience.

Daniela Galdi
Founder of DG Ventures, Entertainment Artist, Media Personality and Idea Entrepreneur

Cheryl is a great connector. She has introduced me to so many individuals in the cannabis space whom I otherwise would not have had the opportunity to meet. The business of cannabis is sprouting in New Jersey. It can be tricky finding the right mix of professionals to bring together to not only share your thoughts, but obtain their thoughts as well. Cheryl’s events attract the right mix of people to discuss issues and move this fledgling industry forward.

Sheila M. Mints, Esq.
Chair, Cannabis Group, Capehart Scatchard


Cheryl has honed her craft in bringing business people together. Her events never disappoint!

Beth Hopkins
Marketing Director, Capehart Scatchard

“I call Cheryl the media magician, because she makes the media appear like magic. We retained Cheryl to help promote the Indian King Tavern Museum, and the results were amazing. We had our first substantial TV coverage, as well as other press coverage including press that we had never reached before. Cheryl was not just an outsider publicizing what we were doing. She became a part of our Indian King family. Our advice to anyone: If you want the world to know what you are doing, see Cheryl. If you want someone who cares about what you are doing and will work closely with you, she is just the person you want.”

Joe Murphy
President, Friends of the Indian King Tavern Museum

“The partners at Dyscern have known Cheryl for more than a decade. Cheryl was the obvious choice when we needed to find someone to spearhead both local and national public relations efforts. She is both extremely knowledgeable about how to work with the members of the media, and her years of experience as a reporter has left her with a Rolodex most publicists would envy. It's as if every door opens when Cheryl calls.”

Jennifer Canty
CEO of an Internet retailer and Inc. 500 company


"As a producer at CBS, I always looked forward to Cheryl's call and more importantly her pitches. I trusted that she was providing topics and information that were newsworthy and accurate. Other publicists are like Hershey, but Cheryl is like Godiva."

Stephanie Carson
Emmy Award-winning TV producer and owner of Out of the Box productions

"Cheryl has been an amazing help to the growth of my business. Her ability to have my name placed in front of thousands has been the major key to my success."

Sara Canuso
Owner of A Suitable Solution

"Dear Cheryl. Please accept this thank you for your kindness and hospitality during our visit to Haddonfield last week. What a perfect day it was! I truly appreciate all the hard work you did to make my job easier. I had a lot of positive feedback about the show when I returned to the station.... Thanks again, Sue."

Fox 29's Sue Serio
Broadcast live from Haddonfield's dinosaur statue